Meet The Face Of The Esthetician

Meet The Face Of The Esthetician


All Skin type welcome

Are you suffering from skin conditions such as acne? Is your skin type sensitive, oily, dry or normal?

All skin types need the help of an professional esthetician to target specific skin care needs and goals. Give you skin what it deserves.
Your Best Royal treatments and skin investments start here

About Empress Selections: Founded by L’exis Bass in 2021. Empress selections was created to exemplify Royalty to those in need of a deserving relaxation experience. Empress selections focuses on relaxation of the body and customize skin care routines


Meet the Esthetician

Licensed Esthetician in SC loves to encourage others and help others strengthen their confidence. Being a Esthetician graduate has taught Lexis the necessities of self care to implement in her own life now to share with you